Report Card Day, and Lunch

So, yesterday was report card day. Gasp! This is how bad it was…first I got a call from O’s teacher. She told me that their new hourly behavior chart seems to be working well (it’s day 2) and that she hit her goal of 30 points in one day! Yayy!! Then she said she would wait to discuss O’s report card with me until tomorrow (today) so that I could have time to discuss with O first. Then the hubs calls. He won’t tell me what her grades are because I’m at work, and he doesn’t want to upset me. Shit. Shit-shit-shitty-shitterton.

I get home. She failed everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.NG. I guess that’s not exactly true, she didn’t fail PE, and she didn’t fail Art, or Music. Every academic class though, fail. Which translates in my mind as “You’re her mom, she failed, you suck. You suck at mothering, you suck at parenting in general, and because being a good mom is so important to you, it’s the biggest failure ever, welcome to it.” Well thank you, 3rd grade¬†report card. I hate you too, go jump off a bridge in your stupid manila envelope.

So, what are we going to do? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. But we will do something. We have done everything I can think of, but there has to be more. We will do it.

Oh, bonus kick in the teeth, O asked several weeks ago if she could start taking her lunch instead of getting school lunch. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it’s one more thing that we have to do at night, but we did it! Every day, for 2 weeks, she took her lunch. The deal was, if you take your lunch, you don’t get school lunch, it’s one or the other. (because of her recent obsession with food and eating, I had to spell that out for her) See how I did that?? Spelled it out, that was the deal, clearly indicated that it was NOT ok to eat 2 lunches. Yeah, about that…I asked her teacher about the lunch thing. In my possibly too hopeful mind, I thought the teacher was going to tell me that no, she has just been eating her lunch from home. Yeah right. The little buggar has been eating her home lunch and school lunch since the day we started sending it. Boom. Kick in the teeth. Blatant disobedience. So, home lunches are out. The end.




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