After School Pick-up Shenanigans

Brief, ridiculous, funny (probably only to me) story of the day. I call O’s school to tell them that the nanny will be picking her up early today. The same person, mind you, that has been picking up our child from school every day for the last, oh, 2 months or so.

School secretary asks me the nanny’s name, I give it, she says,”Oh, I don’t see her name on the list.” Me (this is the same school that LOST my daughter for 45 minutes last year) “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Interesting. Who, then, might I ask, have you been letting her leave with every day for the last TWO MONTHS?” Crickets. “I’m going to have the principal call you back. What is a good number?” “She has all of my numbers, tell her it’s Olivia’s mom, I’m sure I’m on speed dial. In the mean time, at 3, when a person who you haven’t bothered to identify so far, shows up to take Olivia, let her go, her mom said so.”

The level of ridiculousness is simply amazing.



1 thought on “After School Pick-up Shenanigans

  1. Thank you for the laugh. I am a parent of young children and can so relate to this. Its amazing how they can reach us with no issue for a cough or sneezing child. But cant when its actually important. Enjoy your blogs. Thank you.


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