Teachers – Why I love and hate them

I love teachers. I have friends that are teachers. I have friends that are so patient and kind and goodhearted that they should be teachers. I remember several of the good teachers I had in school. Mostly older ladies, that didn’t take any shit, and were nice sweet gummy bears on the inside, as long as you did what you were told (which was rarely me).

That is not the kind of teachers that are in any of the schools that my O has attended. Here’s the thing. I’m not a teacher. I don’t want to be. I’m not very patient, and the bottom line is, I have a hard enough time wrangling our 3 littles. There is NO WAY I could make it through a day with 22 kids of any age, nor do I want to. As our 2 year old Marley says when there’s anything he doesn’t want, feels like he can’t do, or wants no part of, ” I can’t want it.”

That being said…I own that. So, guess what I didn’t do? Yep, you guessed it, I didn’t become a teacher!

My first issue with these “new school teachers” is that they’re all 12. As in 12 years old. They have no children, or they’re pregnant with their first, and they’re literally fresh out of college with no real world experience. I would almost venture to say, that the majority of these teachers don’t even have nieces or nephews. How is it, that you plan on teaching anyone anything? They don’t even let fresh out of college kids be professors, and that’s teaching other adults!! Do you know why?? (Pick me, Pick me!! I know!!) BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW SHIT YET.

Also, I understand that the new thing now is to play games with your kids instead of doing homework. That doesn’t work for our family structure. No one has time to come home and play math games. I have time to come home and check answers on homework. Seriously. I think that teachers somehow forget that the majority of the time the child you have in class is not the only child in the family, we do not leave work at 3:30 pm, we do not have a conference period, and we hardly have time to feed and bathe children when we get home.

Rant over – but I’m sure I’ll revisit it again. My frustration with the current system is rising. Thank you for reading/listening!!

As always, Keep Hope Alive!


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