Let the counseling adventure begin!

This is a smidge late – I wrote it last week after our appointment 🙂

So, we met the new counselor yesterday afternoon. She’s nice, incredibly young, and reallly realllllly sweet. Wierdly, overly, Stepford Wives sweet. But hey, she’s not my counselor, she’s for O, so whatever works, O seemed to like her and open up right away.

We went in and, in O’s defense, before we get started, this lady has all things playful in her office for the kids. Dress up outfits, sand boxes, paints, easels, crayons, play doh, a myriad of things to do. Let me just be blunt for a moment – O acted like a donkey’s ass. She touched everything, didn’t sit down, interrupted the adults talking, walked repeatedly between where we were sitting and the counselor, basically she did any and everything she wanted because, well, she’s a smart kid, and knows that I couldn’t jack her up and make her stop like I would any other time. So, I gave her the “sit the hell down and shut it” Mom eye the whole time. It didn’t work. Not because she didn’t see the infamous “Mom eye”, because she did. I’m pretty sure I burnt holes in the walls with my looks. I even raised an eyebrow. That’s serious, folks. She knew she was in MAJOR trouble, but I think she figured “Hey, I’m already in trouble, why stop now?” So she didn’t. DID NOT. At all. The WHOLE FRIGGING TIME. Longest 60 minutes of my life. I’ve never wanted to whoop her so bad in my entire existence. At one point, I realized I was sitting with my legs crossed and shaking my foot so fast and hard that when I looked over at the hubs, it looked like he was shivering. He wasn’t. My rage manifested itself in my foot. Funny now, but at the moment, not.so.much.

We talked about the issues at school, her behavior at home, her relationship with each of us, and her brothers. She asked us weird questions like did she have her own room, does she have a bed…No, we keep her in the pantry, next to the potatoes, on a dog bed… what do you think, lady? If we did keep her in a pantry, on a dog bed, next to the potatoes, do you think we’d go to the trouble of bringing her to a counselor because we’re concerned about her behavior, and mental well-being? Just Sayin’.

We’ll see how it goes, the plan so far is that we’ll meet once a week, and once a month we’ll have a family session, sans the baby brothers. Can I just say one more time, that it drives me nuts that O acted the way she did? I mean, we’re here because we need help, O, you didn’t need to show her how ridiculous you can be, she knows. Because we’re here. In a counselor’s office…getting counseling… for an 8 year old, you didn’t have to show her 100% of your crazy on the first day. Ugh.

But what we WILL do is, Keep Hope Alive!


1 thought on “Let the counseling adventure begin!

  1. O acting the way she did was good! The counselor got to see what you’re coming to her for. Imagine if you went in and O was an angel sitting next to you with her hands in her lap. The counselor might have looked at you like,”What’s the problem here?” I’m hopeful that the “weird questions” indicates she has some ideas or is formulating a plan. I’ll be waiting for next week’s report.


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