The Weekend

This weekend was, in my skewed book, a relative success! Everyone got fed, bathed, we squeezed in some date night on Friday, oh, and everyone survived to make an appearance today, Monday.

We have discovered that Olivia’s behavior affects all of us, on every level. Our moods, they way we interact with each other, it is a totally different house when she is not there, or just not in the room. The boys can sit and play with each other in the playroom with no screaming, fighting, biting, injuring each other etc…Introduce Olivia to the situation. No, don’t, because you won’t like what happens. All of a sudden everyone is screaming, no one is calm, the boys are at each other, Olivia is trying to be in charge, the boys aren’t having it. It turns into a nuclear situation.

So some of that happened – I hate spanking her. It makes me feel bad, and realistically, it doesn’t do any good. I made her do wall sits this weekend. 10 minutes of them. Did I feel bad, you ask? HELL NO. I stood there and timed her defiant little butt until it was over.



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