One calm kid, snipers, and poop on the floor

Hellewwww –

So I know I’ve been absent for a while, I’m back!! With an update! We eventually decided to change O’s Doctors and start fresh with a new set of experts, and go with our gut. The previous Dr. had no solutions for us and just wanted us to put her back on Adderall and continue to up the doseage. We said “Hell NO!” and pulled her from that Dr. So the new Dr. is AWESOME!! She is now on Intuniv and Vyvanse and is much more able to focus and complete tasks. We are soooooooo excited! Her teacher (who is also new, we moved over the Christmas break, and her new teacher is awesome-sauce amazing, as well as the school as a whole) texted me the first day that O took her new meds and said “An odd sense of calm has come over Olivia and she is being so good!” Then an hour later “This is soooo strange! It was as if the fog lifted and she sighed and now calm…I have goose bumps!” It is amazing to have a teacher who is so communicative and truly roots for our O!

The bad news is that because it took us so long to get the Dr. and meds right, she didn’t have time to pull her grades up, and may have to repeat the 3rd grade. At first, my thought was, screw that, she’s made incredible strides in just 1 month, and she needs to get into 4th grade. I was ready to take them to the mats and go all the way to the district superintendent to get it done. (They know me by name in that office, I’m nothing if not an advocate for Olivia) Then after many discussions with the hubs, and her teacher, and prayer, we decided that if she has to get held back, we’d rather it be in 3rd grade, than have her get to middle school and high school and struggle. It’s the freaking math, people. She brought EVERY single grade up from failing in 3 weeks, except for the damn math. The multiplication tables memorization thing is not going well. So, we wait. But, whatever they say, I’m not going to freak out, not going to freak out, not going to freak out, not going to freak out. It helps reinforce it in my mind if I repeat it…repeatedly.

She still has her moments, but we all do, the major thing is that I’m not angry at her all the time, and we can talk, and I haven’t thought about putting her on the curb with a box of kittens in a long while. 🙂

At the end of the day, we’ll either have a 4th grader who has a lot of catching up to do in math, or a 3rd grader who will be ahead of the class in many areas. Either way, I’m proud of the progress she has made, and the progress we’ve made as a unit. 🙂

The boys, however, have found their voices, and they are LOUD about it! Hilarious, and LOUD. They are in standard toddler phase, now 2 and 3 years old, they will listen to you say their names and just keep on trucking, but will say mom and dad 500,000 times, even when we are acknowledging them. It’s a game. They’re tandem potty training, which is hilarious and awesome at the same time – they’ll get it. Once they stop pooping on the floor, of course.

We had a great water-gun fight, in the yard last night, no, to call it a fight, wouldn’t be doing it justice. It was an all out battle. There were snipers, grenades (water balloons) sneak attacks, ambushes, hand to hand combat, it was amaze-balls – we had another one about a week ago, it was pretty epic too- I had forgotten how much fun we are. Bitty got me in a run-by, O got teamed up on my me and Dad, and got a whole apple juice container of water dumped on her. It was great. I missed us, terribly. But, we’re back mofo’s and ready to keep on truckin’!

Keep Hope Alive 🙂



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