The Minivan Badventure

I am so excited today!!!!!! We are in the final countdown to the beginning of the roadtrip!!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOADD TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!

The rental disaster – so 3 weeks ago, we reserved a minivan, because, well, minivans appear to be fun. We have a Yukon for when we have to make hauls around town with all the littles, but thought it might be a good change to rent a minivan for this trip, save on gas, cheaper rental, all those mature, grown up reasons. Psh, never again. Ever. In life. I may not even ride in a minivan ever again.

I’ve never had the “people who will come pick you up”  pick me up before – and never will again. They were late, then when we finally got to the rental office, they had sent the van that I was renting out to pick someone else up. Uh, no, gonna need you to go ahead and get that turned right the fuck around please. I’ve already been here for 30 min. So they did. Kinda wish they didn’t – It was rough. In total, it took an hour and a half to get me to the office, the van to the office, get it cleaned (bwahahaha, cleaned, no, not so much, but we’ll talk about that in a min) and get me out of there and on the road.

When they finally got it ready to go I jumped in and drove the thing for 50 miles and couldn’t stand it anymore. Usually, when one rents a car, it is a late model, with bells and whistles etc…not this van. This van was tore up from the floor up. There were literally human hairs in the passenger seat. I know, I almost vomited. And gum, and crumbs, and it was bad. Minivans are for people with littles, so whyyyyyyyyy would one get light colored cloth upholstery in a minivan? I don’t know! They shouldn’t even make it an option, really. I get home and call the 800 number, because of course the location was closed. They proceed to tell me that all they can do is make notes. I call the location this morning and let them know what is going on, the manager was super nice, I told him to just upgrade us to the big SUV and I’ll pay the difference, but we HAVE to get out of this monstrosity asap. Now I’m waiting. Because it’s memorial day weekend, everyone is going somewhere, it’s the first vacation of summer (summer, summer, summer, summer in my echo voice)!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this goes well. I really do. I can’t wait to go! I’m ready RIGHT NOW!!!

On a side note, the hubs is at home with the boys, and I just got a picture of a massive fort that they built with the sectional couch. Am I completely out of line to be super jealous and a teeny bit mad that I’m not home to fort it up with them? Cuz I am – I want to go home and fort! Blankets, pillows, popcorn and a movie, probably Jurassic Park again, for the 500,000,000th time. I’d buy tickets to that day for sure.

That’s all I’ve got for now!

Keep hope alive 🙂


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