My name is Amber – I am a wife, mother, friend, among other things. I am spiritual, but not deeply religious, somewhat conservative, in certain areas, especially when it comes to my family. My hubs and I are an old school couple – meaning we are in it for the long haul, we strive to have a relationship like our grandparents did, 60-70 years of marriage – where divorce is not an option. Where we honor the commitment we made, and each other, no matter what. We are the last of a dying breed, we have discovered.

We have 3 children at home. Olivia, 8 – Marley, 2 – Marlon, 1. We are a unit, we move as a unit, we live as a unit, we’re that family who doesn’t go to things unless everyone can go.

I am writing this blog to help myself, as well as maybe one day, someone else. Olivia was diagnosed with severe adhd when she was 5. We have been battling ever since. This is about our real life journey to peace and a solution.

Thanks for reading!

Keep Hope Alive 🙂